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Chest Supersets - Can They Help You Increase Bench Press Strength?

Supersets are nothing new in the world of weight training. They have been used by many lifters and are an essential part of bodybuilding training, especially during the ripping phase. But can chest supersets actually work of your goal is to increase bench press strength?

5 Ways to Build Lean Muscle Mass Without Using Steroids

A common myth is that the only way to build muscle and an impressive physique is through the use of steroids. While steroids will help you gain muscle mass, many of the risks outweigh the rewards. In this article I'm going to tell you how to build learn muscle mass without steroids.

Working Every Part of a Muscle Group For a More Sculpted Look

Choosing exercises that target specific parts of each muscle group will allow you to fully customize your workout and develop each muscle fully. A little knowledge can allow you to match exercises with particular muscle parts and bring you ever close to a perfectly sculpted look.

How to Enlarge Men's Arms Without Equipment

Men's arms have been known to be symbols of virility. It is a well-known fact that every time a woman encounters members of the opposite sex, she always manages to give a longer than usual glance at the arms.

5 Tips To Build Muscle Mass

Working out is one of the few things that all men have on their 'to-do' lists, but only a few ever find the time and motivation to go through with it. Normally, there are two obvious reasons why men workout, to either lose weight or to build muscle. Everyone wants to look better and those

Muscle Building Advice For Women

Women are also capable to build muscles and it is no more the exclusive territory of males. This may be new to you but it's no longer any fantasy. But there are still debates. Whether you, as a female, should go for the strength training is debatable. While some state that it ruins your feminin

What Can I Do to Build Muscle Fast

A lot of people think there is a magic key to building muscle fast without committing, working hard, or dieting. I am sorry but there is no magical way, but there is the right way! And i am here to help you out with one of those three main tasks.

How to Get Ripped Abs

It helps to know your anatomy so that you can target the right areas. An important part of your side abs, external obliques are the muscles at the sides of the waist which forms a "V" shape from the ribs down all the way to your navel. You will use them whenever you twist your chair or ben

Six Pack - How to Develop Your Abdominals Without Fear

Have you ever wondered why, despite your best efforts, a six pack is never visible? The reason is very simple. While developing a suitable six pack, we often get confused in using techniques which are not really effective. Six pack abs, as we fondly call the abdominal muscles, are in reality a fairl

Muscle Building Failure - Don't Blame Everything on Your Genetics

It's true that some people are simply genetically wired to put on big muscles. It's also true that many others aren't -- some are either big-boned or come from a family with a history of obesity, while others are just plain scrawny. But remember that while genetics can be a factor in

Muscle Hypertrophy - Exploring the Satellite Cells

Muscle hypertrophy is a very complex process involving different body mechanisms and organs. This type of body mechanism can be considered as an adaptive response to external stimuli that induces increase effort in the muscles. Mechanical and chemical stimuli are the ones inducing hypertrophy in the

How to Build Muscle - Tips on Getting Ripped Fast!

Are you tired of working to build muscles but not achieving the levels of results you desire? If so, it is time to re-evaluate your current workout routine. Take the time to ensure that you are implementing the strategies that will allow you to build muscle effectively. Focusing on your technique wi

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review - What to Expect

The truth about this guide will let you know how to live in a healthy manner while giving you a good looking body. What is more, the Truth About Six Pack Abs review will tell you that it really works and if you are still in doubt, you can read more than one and it will tell you the same thing.

Simple Ways to Get Perfect Abs

Perhaps it's on anyone's secret wish list to have that sexy, curvaceous body-and more so with getting that perfect abs. Having that toned midsection and without some belly fat, is the model of ultimate fitness. We have to be reminded though that getting the perfect abs isn't the only

Meal Planning Ideas For Lean Muscle [Part 2]

Now this time you'll get a look at some actual healthy meal plan ideas... You want to make sure that you're eating whole, natural foods as often as possible. Which means you should be preparing your meals from scratch and staying away from the microwave dinners.