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How to Deactivate a 2007 Ford Mondeo Seat Belt Alarm

The 2007 Ford Mondeo comes equipped with the Belt-Minder seat belt alert system. This system sounds a chime and illuminates the seat belt safety signal on the dashboard of your vehicle if it senses any front seat passengers in the vehicle without their seat belt on while the vehicle's engine is on.

What Is the Difference Between a Gunwale & a Bulwark?

The words gunwale and bulwark sound like they may refer to something similar. Both are types of reinforcement involved in defense. While the words may seem similar, gunwale and bulwark have very different meanings.

Mustang GT 500 Information

The Ford Mustang has been available as a high performance "GT 500" version on several occasions. With its roots in the Shelby Cobra sports car, Mustang GT 500 models from any era are among the most desirable and iconic of American automobiles.

Easy and Simple Tips to Become A Driving Instructor

With increasing population and development in the field of technology the demand for new brands of car is increasing tremendously. The various car models are available in all price ranges and each of them has ...

First Rate Features of Irvine Driving School

It is a dream for every individual to drive a car and show it off to his friends and neighbors. However, for driving comfortably and safely, it is very much important for the individual to ...

How to Use a Tow Chain

When using a tow chain, you will need at least two people. Since the vehicle being towed is not on a rack, that vehicle will need to be controlled with a driver. The vehicle being towed must be able to shift into neutral and have working brakes in order to be towed. Connecting the two vehicles toget

Safety Oriented Motorcycle Training a Big Hit in Alberta

Motorcycle safety course is all about teaching the fundamentals of safe riding in a motorcycle. Motorcycle safety is of paramount importance as small mistakes can turn fatal. Not only newbie drivers but experienced drivers also ...

How to Disable a Seatbelt Alarm

Seat belts are there for a purpose, and should really be worn at all times. However, having an alarm go off if you have not clipped your seat belt in after five seconds can feel like being a child again. One way of permanently disable the alarm is to cut the wires attached to your seat belt buckle.

A List of Chevy Models From the '70s

Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe 1970s started the transformation of many muscle cars into sedans and family cars because of tighter federal laws, stricter emission standards and higher insurance costs. Chevrolet was one of the leading manufacturers of muscle cars that were...

The Benefits Of Renting Cars

Traveling would be very fulfilling. It would provide much fun and enjoyment for people. It would take you to places you have never been into or let you explore spots in a deeper level. It ...

What Is Posi Track?

Posi-Track is a shortened generic term for the GM-branded name "Positraction." It is a type of limited slip differential. To understand how limited slip differentials or LSD works, you must understand how a differential works, and how it relates to torque. In basic terms, a differential takes the po

How to Get the Trunk Open on a 2002 Volvo S80 When the Battery Is Dead

The 2002 Volvo S80 features a keyless remote that allows the owner to lock and unlock the vehicle from afar as well as open the trunk. There are situations, however, such as when the battery of the vehicle is dead, in which the keyless remote will not work. In these cases, the owner may access the t

The Instructions for Towing a Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are a fun and exciting vehicle to have a 4-wheel drive experience. While taking a vacation or trip and using a recreational vehicle for overnight stays, having your Jeep Wrangler with you will allow you to run into town while keeping your RV hooked up at your camp site. Proper towing

GM Performance

General Motors includes a GM Performance Division in Warren, Michigan. It is where GM car enthusiasts collaborate and develop automobiles for racing, customized vehicles and high-performance solutions.

Two Great Books for Drivers

If you work as a driver, you may have tried audio books to listen to the latest best sellers, but find the stress of today's modern roads too difficult to maintain a full understanding of ...

How to Paint the Tailgate on a Ford F-350

Painting the tailgate is one way to add value and appeal to any truck on the road. The Ford F-350 is no different. While the Ford is an extremely large truck, painting its tailgate follows the same principles as painting any other tailgate. With the proper materials and help, this job can be accompl

How to Hook Up House Batteries in a Sea View Motor Home by National RV

National Recreational Vehicles, or NRV, made the Sea View line until production ceased -- in favor of the Sea Breeze LX marque -- in 2001. These RVs were primarily powered by a Ford V-8 engine until the 2009 year-model, and thereafter by a Ford V-10. The Sea View had a good reputation for build qual

How to Drive Downhill With a Manual Transmission

Steep mountain roads often have beautiful views but also hold serious hazards for divers. Keeping a manual transmission car under control takes skill and practice. Learning the techniques for driving down a long mountain incline saves wear and tear on the brakesand engine and, most importantly, gets

How to Repair a Clutch on a 1993 Ford Ranger

Repairing the clutch on a 1993 Ford Ranger pickup requires replacing the clutch disc, which is located under the bell housing of the transmission. It is necessary to remove the transmission to complete this repair. Removing a transmission requires a number of tools and can be challenging for beginne