How to Make a Custom Embossed Monogram

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How to Do a Crab Stitch on Knitting

Use the simple crochet crab stitch to stabilize and finish off the edges of a knitted project. A crab stitch is the basic single crochet stitch, but it is worked in reverse direction, beginning at the left edge and working toward the right. Both functional and decorative, it is used around necklines

How to Make a Snow Globe With a Picture Inside

The first snow globe appeared in 1889 at the Paris Exposition, depicting the Eiffel Tower. Now, over 100 years later, a personalized snow globe can be a great gift during the holiday season. With just a few simple ingredients and a little work, you can create a gift that will preserve the winter spi

When to Use Single or Double Fold Bias Tape?

Bias tape is a sewing notion used for various fabric crafts, including sewing and quilting. This tape is a strip of fabric cut on a bias to allow it more pliability than fabric cut with the grain of the fabric. Bias tape is available in two types: single-fold and double-fold. Both of these types of

How to Tie a Neckerchief

Tying a neckerchief is a great skill to know for many different activities, Whether you are riding the range, dressing up a uniform or simply wanting to protect your neck when working in the hot sun. This simple tie can be used for any of these.

How to Paint Red Scorpions

According to the Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins Including Tropical Diseases, the red scorpion is native to India and is "a dangerously venomous species, especially to children." These deadly predatory animals, members of the class Arachnida, are dangerous but very intriguing and can make an

High Heel Shoe Crafts

When one of your shoe heels breaks or one of your shoes gets a hole in it, you are left with a single shoe. If it seems too wasteful to throw it away, there are plenty of crafts that you can do with a single high heeled shoe or two shoes that have seen better days. Turn shoes into fancy new dress up

How to Make Driftwood Crafts

Driftwood is an exceptional material from which you can create several different creative works of art. A morning stroll down the beach can reap a treasure of several perfect size pieces to use. Adding different assortments or kinds of animals and plants gives you hundreds of ways to create items th

Gel Wax Candle Projects

Gel candles can be decorative and theme candle image by Leonid Nyshko from Fotolia.comGel candles are made with a clear material that consists of 95 percent mineral oil and 5 percent resin. The gel material is not a wax and has a consistency like gelatin, not solid;...

How to Make a Lobster Bib

No matter where you're dining -- whether it's in a casual backyard cook-out or upscale seafood restaurant -- eating lobster is a messy process. When serving lobster, hosts should always include a lobster bib that guests can wear to stay clean. While you can buy lobster bibs from the store, add some

How to Make Beaded Butterfly Bobby Pins

Creating a beaded butterfly bobby pin is a fun craft for you and your children to enjoy. These pins are ideally used as barrettes and can be any color you choose. This craft project can be used in the classroom, at home or for slumber parties.

How to Make a Football Display Case

If you have that autographed or commemorative football that you want to keep safe but don't want to buy an expensive display case for it, you can build your own storage case to keep it in. This is not an easy task, especially if you have little to no experience cutting plastic. But if you can find t

How to Keep Colors From Running on New Quilts

When you make or buy a new quilt, particularly a patchwork quilt, you may not know what is and isn't color fast. Fabrics that are not color fast will run whenever the quilt is washed or accidentally gets wet, and some can even bleed onto surrounding fabrics after being left in a humid environment fo

How to Make a Quilt in One Day

Traditional quilt-making was a laborious process, often taking a year or more to produce one quilt. While some of these heirlooms are true works of art, today's quilter often wants to do things much quicker. A dedicated quilter can create an attractive handmade quilt in just one day. Many quilters s

How to Make a Doll Gown

Making a gown is a creative way to boost a baby doll's sense of fashion. Use a sleek fabric, such as nylon or silk, to give your baby's gown a sheer and elegant look. Mastering a basic design can also give you the confidence to make multiple dresses from different colors and fabrics. Once you have c

How to Design a Christmas Hat

Keep children occupied before Christmas by designing a Santa Claus-inspired hat. Kids can wear the handmade hats to school Christmas festivities and holiday parties. The festive hats also make creative Christmas party activities and favors. Kids can treat friends and family members to a homemade Chr

Crossover Vs. Patch

In networking terminology, a patch cable is a length of network cable sold with its connectors already fitted at each end. This type of product is aimed at the consumer market, as the corporate networking market can hire technicians who are skilled at cutting cables and crimping connectors to them.

Art Activities With Water

Mixing watercolors and discussing how they change can introduce kids to the concept of the color wheel.watercolor palettes and brush image by egal from Fotolia.comThere are many children's art activities that incorporate water. Though the projects themselves can be messy, water-based...