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How to Sort Icons on My iPhone

If you use an Apple iPhone, chances are you've downloaded a number of applications (or "apps") onto it to enhance your mobile experience. Naturally, you'll use some of the apps more than others, for which reason it makes sense to arrange them as such. If you can't figure out how to re-arrange your a

How to Customize Your iTouch Home Screen

The iPod Touch is an upgrade to the popular iPod media player that features some enhanced usability. Like the name suggests, the iPod Touch features a touch screen similar to the iPhone. It also shares the same mobile operating system as the iPhone, iOS. Because of this and the introduction of iOS 4

How to Close Pandora on the iPod

The Pandora app for the iPod touch lets you listen to personalized radio stations and view artist information using a Wi-Fi Internet connection. When you switch to another app, Pandora continues to run in the background, which lets you continue hearing music as you use other apps. If you no longer w

How Can I Sync My iPod With My iMac iTunes?

An iPod allows you to have your favorite songs at your fingertips on the go. The well loved MP3 player is made by Apple and is easily compatible with Mac computers. Not only does the iPod play music, but it works as a storage device as well. To keep your iPod completely up to date with every song pr

Motorola ROKR EM30 Full Specifications

Motorola released the ROKR EM30 mobile phone in September 2008. Like the ROKR EM8 it's modeled on, the EM30 is a quad-band GSM phone with an integrated digital camera, Internet browsing and Bluetooth capabilities. The ROKR EM30 runs on the Linux Montavista operating system and comes with a one-year

How to Access Another Service Provider's 3G

Swapping out your cell phone's SIM card can allow you to use other wireless 3G networks if you switch carriers or bring your phone overseas. Some hardware may be need to be "unlocked" before a new SIM card can simply be swapped in; however once that process is done, you will be able to simply change

How to Transfer iPod Games via WinSCP

WinSCP is a file transfer protocol (FTP) software application that allows users to transfer files to remote servers or devices such as iPods. If you have a game that you would like to transfer to the iPod through FTP, you can use this program. The iPod has a default IP address and password on its ho

How to Update iTunes on an Unlocked iPhone

If you have an unlocked or "jailbroken" iPhone and you still want to take advantage of updating iTunes on the phone, you have nothing to worry about. Jailbreaking is not legal and will invalidate your iPhone warranty. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can never update an unlocked

How to Compare iPod Nano Prices

The iPod Nano is a smaller, less expensive model of Apple's popular iPod digital music player. While the iPod Nano is less expensive than its larger counterpart, it is still relatively expensive when compared with competing products. Although the iPod Nano does not often go on sale, there are ways t

How to Hook Up a Microphone to My iPhone

The Apple iPhone smartphone and portable media player is capable of recording podcasts, interviews and sounds from venues using the built-in Voice Memo application. The built-in microphone may not provide you enough clarity when recording. Hook up an external microphone built specifically for the iP

iPhone Vs. Palm

Both Apple and Palm have proven themselves as reputable cell phone manufacturers over the past couple of years. Currently, neither company offers a wide variety of cell phones to choose from. However, the Palm Pre and the Apple iPhone are two of the most popular touch-screen cell phones on the marke

How to Use Total Command With an iPhone

Total Commander is a program for the PC and iPhone that allows users to copy and move video, audio and ROM files from their personal computer (PC) to their iPhone. The program is useful for moving video and other files that iTunes does not support for file transfer.

How to Add an Icon on an iTouch

Apple's iPod Touch, sometimes known as the iTouch, allows you to access applications and shortcuts via on-screen icons, similar to the iPhone or other touch-screen smart phones. Your iPod Touch will automatically add new icons when you download applications from the App Store and, in addition to thi

Can an iPad Use a Mouse?

Apple helped popularize the mouse with an early release of their Macintosh computers, but their latest revolution in the computing field does not come with one. Can it even use a mouse?

How to Use Dragon Dictation on an iPod Touch

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition application that allows you to speak to your iPod Touch and have your voice automatically transcribed into text. You can then copy and paste this text to an email, an SMS text message or any document. The application works by recording sections of audio and th

How to Connect an iPad As a Second Screen

The iPad is most often used to play games, surf the Web and watch movies. A less widely known use for the tablet turns it into a second or additional monitor for your PC or Mac. Although the iPad does not support video input, four different apps available in the iTunes store can bypass cables and wi

How to Edit an App on an iPhone 3.1.2

The iPhone lets you access various programs, games and multimedia with an icon called an application or "app." Most apps come installed with your iPhone, while you would have to purchase others from the app store. You can keep them organized by editing them with just a touch of your finger. This giv

How to Set Backgrounds on a Jailbroken iPod

Jailbreaking is a process for enabling your iPhone to perform functions outside its original programming. Though jailbreaking is not illegal, it does violate Apple's terms of use, so if you have a jailbroken phone, you may find it difficult to obtain support and answers to your questions. Fortunatel

What Does iTunes Do When It Backs Up My iTouch?

Connecting your iPod Touch to iTunes synchronizes your iPod to reflect content currently loaded in iTunes. This procedure, known as a "sync," also backs up your iPod Touch's content on your computer. You can later use this backed-up content to restore your device if it's ever damaged.