Increase Website Traffic by Converting Your Articles Into Videos

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Bring in more traffic to your website by just using article marketing.
Now you too can create videos like a pro.
All you need is the free trial of an online article converting service to create videos from your articles.
Once logged into the service, you just paste your article into it, add some background colour and pictures and choose a voice over effect.
They have male and female voices that will "read" your article text.
You can choose to only chow pictures and or some words or bullet points while your article is read.
If a sentence seams too long, just add a comma and the "person" will pause there, and then continue just like a normal person would.
The speech is quite real and you will be amazed as how natural it sounds.
It is easy to complete a video creation and it seems almost as if your creation cannot look unprofessional.
I knew from search engine optimization video tutorials and online courses that video marketing is the way to go.
But paying someone to do it was a huge expense and I did not foresee that I could manage the time I needed to complete this kind of tedious process.
With the traffic from YouTube and the other video sharing websites you can expect some real traffic - depending on the quality of your creation.
None the less, you still get some powerful backlinks by some of the video sharing sites.
These sites are visited by millions of people every day and day and you can do only better from a marketer's perspective by showcasing your product or website this way.
You can show your website URL all the time on the video and the person can at any time type it in to go and buy your product or sign up to your mailing list.
When you get a free trial you cannot go wrong.
If you had to pay to use the service then off course you would be taking a risk by following by advice on using their service.
Now all you can waste is about 10 minutes to create a video from one of your articles.
If you can call it a waste.
I would call it an investment.
You can also pay someone to use the free trial and convert the articles for you.
This way they will be using a professional product and they do not have to invest in the product.
Unless you have thousands of articles you want to convert.
Publishing your articles can also be a tedious task and for that they add a video publishing service where you pay a little and get to add your login details to your video submission membership sites.
And with a click of a button you can now submit the video to more than 15 video sharing sites.
The more video submissions you do the better as you get to reach a wider audience.
It takes such a small amount of time to set it up and will not be sorry spending the initial time to sign up with the different websites that you can upload your video to.
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