How to Grab Attention With Your Network Marketing Emails

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Marketing to your email list is not difficult but there are a few points you should always bear in mind.
It doesn't matter if you've written the best email on the planet; if it doesn't have a captivating title then very few people are going to open it.
Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise and promote a new product, possibly bringing in some affiliate sales.
Your subscribers should look forward to receiving your emails because they contain helpful information that is relevant to them.
The subject of your email message is often the only reason someone will read it.
We all have inboxes filled with messages and making yours stand out by giving it a snappy title makes all the difference.
Make your subject line or title short and to the point, telling your subscriber exactly what to expect.
Writing an eye-catching title is definitely a knack - it certainly shouldn't be an afterthought.
Pique your subscribers' curiosity by using a question as the title.
I've also found that using humor helps whenever possible - people need a little light relief.
Subject lines that contain the words "how to", "a guide to...
", "tips on...
" all work extremely well as part of a title.
Unfortunately there are certain words that throw up flags with email providers, these include cash, money, work from home, opportunity, free, affordable, and apply now and please don't address your subscriber as "Dear Friend" - you must address the recipient by his or her first name.
There are many more no-no words and it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with them or your emails may end being treated as spam.
Some email marketers get around this by putting "fr.
ee" or "c.
ash" but I'm sorry, that just looks sales-y and very tacky.
While using these words won't automatically mean your emails end up in the spam folder, if you can avoid using them frequently and repeating them throughout an email you stand a better chance.
If you do use a question such as "Are you tired of coming home exhausted?" Do be sure to answer that question within the first few lines of your email.
Always send a copy of the email to yourself first.
That way you can test any links and proofread it again to make sure there are no errors.
Nothing says "amateur" more than a succession of emails full of spelling mistakes and dead links.
Do remember to place a link to your website under your signature - I'm amazed at how many people fail to do this.
I get an interesting email and want to find out more but I have to jump through hoops to find the source of that additional information! Split testing is another option.
You send out two similar emails, each to one half of your subscriber list.
After a couple of days you can look at the results to see which was the most effective.
Learn from spilt testing and before long you will know the formula for sending out the most effective emails.
The frequency of emails is also important ' too many may mean annoying some people.
It is also extremely difficult to construct an interesting email on a daily basis.
It's better to send out one every three or four days that's packed full with good information than to send a daily email that has nothing useful to say.
Always be aware of what your subscriber, i.
your target market needs and wants, and what your competitors are doing.
Sign up for their lists so you know exactly what you're up against.
Analysis and split testing are very important when running email campaigns and a little industrial espionage helps too! Planning an effective email marketing campaign for your MLM business is one of the keys to success.
Make sure you deal with any responses promptly - many successful network marketers will include a phone number in their responses, making them that much more personal.
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