How To Do Pay Per Click Marketing The Right Way - 2 Bidding Tips

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Are you just starting out in pay-per-click marketing or advertising? Whether you are using Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter, then you are probably aware that there are several ways to bid on the keywords that you wanted to advertise.
It can be quite confusing when you do not know how to do it the right way, so I'm going to share 2 tips with you today on some of the basics.
Bid on Broad, Phrase And Exact Match Keywords When Starting Out.
Most of the major pay-per-click platforms like Google AdWords will allow you to bid on 3 different matches, which are the broad, phrase, and exact match.
When you first setup a campaign, you will want to get as much data as possible so I would suggest bidding on all 3 matches.
Now be careful because you will get a lot of impressions and this will lower your ad's click through rate (CTR).
What I would suggest is to setup a testing campaign and bid on these 3 matches.
Once you get enough data, select out the best performing keywords and put them in a new separate campaign.
This will ensure you that the ads for the new campaign will not suffer from low CTR and hence, will give you cheaper clicks and preventing your campaign from getting the infamous Google Slap.
Always Include Negative Keywords When Using Broad Match When you are bidding on broad match or even phrase match for particular campaigns, remember to include a list of negative keywords.
Keywords that you don't want them to appear when a search is performed.
For instance, if you are selling an anti-virus software for instance, people will be search for keywords like 'free', these searches might not be the best quality because the searcher might just want to look for free software so you may want to include the keyword 'Free' in your campaign.
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