How NOT to Create a Successful Internet Business

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Let me ask you a question: Do you sit staring at your screen wondering when you will finally come across that magic button to bring you the internet riches lifestyle you so truly deserve? You know the button that you are so sure exists and that you are so sure the big internet marketing fish have found and pressed already to make $Gazillions? Now I am the first to admit I have had this syndrome many times - for a long time - and still occasionally, I find myself having a flashback and second thought "Hmm maybe it really does exist and I am fooling myself again".
No no no...
let me tell you after thorough investigation this magic button does not exist.
What does exist however is an Army of slick gurus who - were it not for this urban legend that is so entrenched in almost all budding Internet Marketing Entrepreneur's minds - would not be making a fast buck from us all as we finally escape the revolving door of Internet Marketing 101s and discover that we might actually have to do some work! Now in a way this is a good thing, because you are learning the ropes, and learning that the time and effort you have put into reading has stopped you doing the thing you really should be doing -and that is take action.
You need to acknowledge that you need to do things differently.
Consider Einstein's definition of insanity and think of it in the pursuit of building an internet business: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Now it's easy to criticize but all you are doing is going through a learning curve to the eventual realization that the time you have spent buying and reading over $10-50 "make money now" eBooks, is time you could have spent taking action, and investing that money, to get some tangible results, and money coming your way rather than in the opposite direction.
The important thing to realize is that you shouldn't look back in anger and feel sorry for yourself, like you've missed the boat and it is pointless even starting.
In all honesty the majority of eBooks you buy about making quick money are far from useless, quite a lot of them do have some really good information and tips and tricks, but the simple fact is they do not take you back to basics and tell you that you are going to need to spend a good bit of time and effort to build a real long-term money making business.
What basically sells is the quick fix, the emotive headline, if you read one of these headlines what one would you be more likely to buy if you were desperate to start making money? 1) Learn how I made $10k in 2 days with this really simple to implement system.
2) Learn how to grow an internet marketing business with a real foundation and solid customer base over the space of a several months to a year.
Most people will go for number one right? People are fixated with the instant result, the here and now, the "give me the quick information to see fast results" scenario, the solve a problem solution rather than a long explanation or factual information.
The honest truth is the guy selling number 1 had to go through number 2 first before he could get to number 1.
They never tell you that it took them perhaps 6 months or a year to research, create products, lists, and creation of Web sites to get to where they are.
He more than likely did make $10K in two days but he never said how long it took to build that founding framework that supports the business process - if he did you probably wouldn't have bought it.
So think about the process that you need to go through to start off and start taking action so you can start to see results.
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