Thought or Action?

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Do we want to create our lives and circumstances deliberately and consciously or by default.
The Law of Attraction teaches us that we all create our lives ourselves by attracting what we focus on.
And, since this is always so, why not choose to do it deliberately? Of course, as human beings we are action orientated.
And action is good.
But starting of with action and let our thoughts and feelings follow, means we would go about our creative process backwards.
If we want to create our life deliberately instead of by default, the right order is to think, feel and then act.
First, we need to identify how we want to feel.
Always reach for a feeling that feels a little bit better.
If you are depressed, do not try to feel heavenly, for this would not be realistic.
But, there is always a thought for everyone under all circumstances, to be found that will make you feel a little bit better, it is a process with little steps.
We consciously and deliberately choose the thought that makes us feel better.
Then automatically the feelings will follow.
Remember that looking at our emotions is always the best way to measure our alignment with Source and with who we really are.
Our emotions never lie.
Once we are in this place where we feel good, better or fantastic, we decide what we truly want, what we truly desire.
Our focus is now on our dream.
And while we focus on our dream with positive and happy feelings we send out our vibrations into the Universe.
The Universe will respond and brings us exactly what we need, including the inspiration to take the right action.
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