How Long Does It Take to Design and Make a Website?

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Obviously, the size of the website and the tools that you are using to build it will have an impact on the development time of creating a new website.
But there are a lot of other factors that have a lot more bearing on the development time than even how big it is! From a day to a year, and more I have had very basic brochure sites that have gone live the day that I first spoke to the customer.
On the other hand, a year or even more down the line and some sites are still ticking over in the background.
What is the difference? The important element is for the customer, or website owner, to have some sort of idea as to what they want.
One of the most worrying things is when the customer says 'I don't really know what I want.
' Getting the look takes the time This shows us that the step that can take the time is getting the look of the site, usually even just the home page, perfect.
The process of deciding what it should look like and building the graphics around that is the lengthy part of the process.
By looking around before you start and deciding on your colour scheme, the layout and what you want to include, you really can cut down the development time from months, to weeks or even days.
Building the content Once you have that home page looking perfect then it is time to start on the rest of the pages.
Again, knowing what you want these to say goes a long way towards completing them quickly.
If you have an About Us or a Frequently Asked Questions page and do not really know what you are going to say, then this process can drag on.
Have these ready to hand and even a dozen or more brochure pages can be written in hours.
Then the add ons Finally, what clever tricks do you want to include in the website? A blog? An ecommerce section? A complicated Content Management System? All of these are possible but it depends on what you want and how many of them you want how long the process will take.
But even something like a shop can be up and running in a day or two if you know what you are doing.
Planning is critical Above all, you should see that a simple brochure website or even a small online shop can easily be created in a week.
But this is only possible if you know exactly what you want out of the website.
If you are not totally sure, then it can take a lot longer to design and build a website!
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