Google AdWords Traffic - When to Use the Content Network to Grow Your Internet Business Faster

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Have you heard horror stories about the Google AdWords Content Network? Probably! That is why I want to show you right now when to use this source of traffic and when not to.
If you do it right, you can make a fortune.
Here's how...
Can The Content Network Max Out Your Credit Card? The myth that is floating around the Internet is the fact that if you use the Content Network you will basically rack up your credit card with bad traffic that won't buy anything from you.
That is just not true.
I have been using this network for years and it actually converts better then the Search Network on Google.
The Dirty Little Secret Insiders Are Not Telling You...
The big marketers in most markets want you to believe these lies so you won't use this network & they can get all the traffic.
You have to realize it works and it will work for you.
What you need to do is make sure you first of all have some tracking in place so you know where your clicks are coming from.
Then you want to make sure you start small and only use keywords that make sense & are proven to bring buyers.
The final thing you need to do is give it time and grow it slowly.
Over time you will find that this network can give you a lot more traffic then the Search Network.
Start using it when you know your numbers.
That is the time to ramp it up & use it to grow your business to levels you never dreamed possible!
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