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If I get a degree, can I expect to earn more money?

A. The earnings potential is definitely there. Based on census information, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the average American holding a high school diploma will earn $34,000 while a person with a bachelor's degree will average $65,000 per year.

Q. Will I ever have to do coursework outside of my home?

A. A lot will depend on the degree you are working towards. For example, those seeking a teaching degree will be expected to student teach, just as they have to do when taking on-campus classes.

Q. Are online courses as good as regular classes?

A. As long as the college offering the course is accredited, then you can expect to get a good education. Of course, with distance learning, the course will only be as good as the effort you put into it. One of the problems stems from the fact many people just don't have the self-initiative it takes to do the majority of the work on their own.

Hopefully this article has answered some of your questions and helped you decide whether distance learning is something you'd like to pursue. While there are some definite disadvantages to taking online courses, they still afford a way for those who can't take traditional college courses to enhance their futures and obtain the education they need to get ahead.

Akin to what we see on the roads today, is another type of rage. Let us call it 'Q Rage'.

I have to admit that I succumb to this rage very often. Whether I am at the BSNL counter trying to pay my telephone dues or at the movie theatre trying to get the first show tickets or at the temple trying to get His blessings, I often feel the rush of blood to my head.

There is this guy, who with utter disregard for the patiently waiting citizenry, shoves his hand inside the ticket counter from the side and gets the tickets he wants. I guess this is perfectly fine with him because of his unstated premise: my time is more precious than thine.

This rage manifests itself when one challenges this premise. Isn't time the most democratic possession of all? If time and tide waits for no man, it follows that time and tide (read high tide) is everyone's, and in equal measure.

Already, we have seen a death in a London shopping mall owing to do this Q rage, albeit in a different manner; a lady thought she was being wrongly accused of jumping the queue and went into a fit. She called her boyfriend who came in quickly and punched an innocent bystander to a sudden death. This bystander had not been anywhere in the argument and fell victim to this Q rage.

If you think about it, road rage is actually a variant of Q rage. Often times a person wants to jump a lane and speed off. Here too the same premise applies; my time is more precious than yours. If you dont make way, I will have you make way.

Maybe, Q rage is a good thing after all. Let no one autocratise time!

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