What Is VRE? Understanding Virtual Real Estate Content Websites

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Understanding VRE (Virtual Real Estate)
How would you like to enjoy passive income with minimal on-going effort almost idefinitely? What I am referring to is not a no effort, get rich overnight and too good to be true scam. Rather, it is a well thought out, objective based and proven online money making blueprint strategy.

One VRE content website properly built, can provide a nice level of income. A VRE Empire however, can multiply the concept a dozen fold (or more) and provide a diverse and dependable amount of regular income through solid and reputable sources such as Adsense and other affiliate programs.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of building multiple content websites or blogs as a key part of your online business strategy, then I suggest you read the following information in this article series very carefully. Keep in mind that your objective will be understanding this solid business plan and gaining a sound foundation for its' implementaion.

The VRE Numbers Game
While there are many important points to be aware of with VRE content websites, probably the most important point ( and the driving point behind the whole process to follow in creating these websites) is that your Virtual Real Estate strategy is a numbers game.

The target will be to build dozens of niche content websites (Virtual Real Estate) so that even if individually each site will only bring in a hundred bucks a month or so, over your entire network of sites you will be making money in multiples of a hundred. Your goal is to eventually realize your income comfort level through repetition (rinse and repeat). Even a 5 or 6 figure income is possible and certainly can be within reach.

I cannot emphasize enough and would strongly urge you to play this numbers game. One website will not earn you enough money by itself, unless you are building your business around just that one site. In which case this simply means that this strategy would not work for you.

The best approach is to invest enough time into each website so as to begin generating traffic to it, then progress on to the next website and repeat the process. From then on, you create additional sites and so on and on. Keep on building these niche websites until you begin to realize your income goal from your consistent and increasing Adsense account and various selected niche affiliate programs.

VRE Website Formula = Money In The Bank

In order to see how easy and successful your VRE websites can be you need to familiarize yourself with the following formula.

Here it is:
Money in the Bank = High EPC + High Click-through Rate + Several Content Webpages + Tracking Stats

This formula is the blueprint for our VRE content website strategy.

You may have heard this before but maybe not, so it bears repeating. It is hard work to earn a thousand bucks a month from just one website alone. You can earn $2000 dollars a month much more easily with 20 niche websites each earning you $100 a month ($3 a day) than with just one large website alone. You can also more easily double or even triple your income by making small improvements in each rather than massive work on just the one site.

That way, you can earn multiple income sources by diversifying your income over multiple sites instead of the "all your eggs in one basket (website)" approach. The best strategy in just about any endeavor is to spread out your risk to diversify your strategy. This is also true with internet income, dominate one niche, then dominate the next, and so on. Spread out to multiple niches and don't try to stick with just the one you are most familiar with.

Starting Your VRE Empire

Alright John, the formula seems good and making all those websites makes sense, but I really don't know what all of those terms mean, and I certainly don't know the first thing about making just one website. How do I do all this?

I thought you would never ask...

In the next article in our series we will explore how to actually make money with your VRE content websites and as we progress in the series, how to actually construct those websites quickly and easily, so stay tuned.

VRE Traffic Magnet Guide
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