9 Simple Methods to Increase Sales From Your Website

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Give away a related info product.
People will visit your site to get the free gift.
Promote your products within the info product.
A good option for this is an ebook where you reference products in the pages of the ebook as you promote information about your products and services.
Promote FREE Classified Ads on your Site.
Give away ads to other people's products on your website and ask them to promote traffic to your site to promote their ad.
The more access you have on your site, the more people will see your products and buy them.
Publish your Ezine ONLY on your website.
Send an email link to your ezine, displayed only on your website, and offer marketing info for your products on the ezine pages.
This gives more people reason to visit your site, and buy your products.
Sell advertizing space in your Product Packets.
Send promotional information with your products as bonus packages included in the cost of your products, as a service.
You get paid for the package inserts, which increases your site revenues.
(Include an ad page or flier for your site too.
) 5.
Promote a Members Only portion of your website and Charge for access.
Use it as a free bonus with one of your products and double the reason to buy that product.
They get double duty from the same money, and you gain access to a new reader.
Offer your products as FREE bonus products to an affiliate.
You get to sell the affiliate product and your portion of the price pays for your product.
It becomes a double value for the money for the customer, and everyone wins.
PLUS: You get signups for the additional value incentives.
Negotiate FREE ads in other people's ezines by promoting their business links in your ezine, with a signature link to your marketing list.
Build names for dedicated buyers on your List with this extra offer component.
Offer frequent bonuses and contests on your website for visitors to bring them back for more opportunities.
Give away VIRAL products as gifts for winners of your activities.
Better yet, give them RESALE rights of VIRAL products and let them market your business for you.
Allow readers to download information products from your website in exchange for names and email addresses of their friends, whom they refer to your website for more FREE Stuff.
Get the names and invite them to test a FREE product in exchange for a sign up.
They'll be coming back for more info products and services from you.
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