The New Economy - Your Blog is Your Virtual Office

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The New Economy The business world is changing.
These are uncertain times in the stock market, job market and world market.
Technology is evolving at a feverish pace.
Business models are changing quickly from old school to new school.
Current business models are being tested and reevaluated to include a combination of the old school and new school mentality.
Your Blog is Your Office.
For a small business to survive and compete in the new economy, a business blog/website platform is becoming a necessity for survival.
My choice is using a WordPress platform that includes a thesis theme probably the most SEO capable theme out there right now.
Your blog is your home base or think of it as your virtual office.
This is where current and future customers in your niche can come to find out valuable information about your company and what you have to offer them that might provide a solution to a problem they are in need of solving.
Your blog plays a big role in your brand and should have a look and feel that is pertinent to the posture you are trying to achieve online.
The beauty of a blog is that you can learn how to use CMS (Content Management System) This allows even the unsophisticated end user to make necessary content changes to the site with ease without calling up a web design team and spending a lot of money.
Blogging often is essential for search engine ranking as all of the major search engines love to see new and pertinent content and rewards this content with better rankings.
Create social media that is congruent with your blog.
Proper social media marketing strategies are essential for business owners competing in the new economy today.
Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter should all have a similar look and feel to your blog site.
This will help brand your business with congruency.
Trying not to be spammy on these social sites is essential and your focus should be more on relationship building than business opportunity.
There are many more social sites to consider using but Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are the big three.
Learn more about using Social Media Strategies.
Make video on topics in your niche.
Video is currently the favorite child with respect to most search engines.
Again make videos that target your niche offering them valuable content and information that will lead your customers back to your office(your blog).
I have seen video climb to page one of Google for a keyword as fast as any other method out there right now.
Again think about posture when making your video and keep it in check with how you want to be seen by your customer base.
Use a subscribe box with a call to action.
Using an opt in box or subscribe box is just another way of getting a customers information.
Make sure you give them a good reason to give you their information.
Give them something for free in exchange for their email address.
As you build a list keep in close touch with them and make sure you are building the relationship along the way.
Remember keep giving value and your list will enjoy hearing from you.
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