The Funded Proposal, and There is No New Thing Under the Sun

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In 1971, my father-in-law was 27 years old, married, and had recently celebrated the arrival of his second daughter.
He was a Radiological Technologist with modest income working overtime to make ends meet.
After searching out multiple business opportunities from traditional retail to real estate my father-in-law made the jump, spending $25 to get started in Amway.
Little did he know that this decision would totally change his life, and become a life-long career he works together with his wife.
As he learned the business; and gained momentum, sponsoring people into the business got easier.
The initial fear and doubt had been conquered, and with success there came pressure from the group to tell others 'how' he was doing so well.
It amazes me to listen to my father-in-law tell his story because it's clear that nothing has really changed since the beginning of this industry...
TEACHING SELLS! His career with Amway was highly successful.
However, it wasn't through the company's compensation plan.
It was from the sale of 'training' materials.
He once told me about MLM, "you can make a lot of money on the business, but not from the business.
" He estimated that half his income over the next ten years derived from, "selling tapes and from fees for telling his story at motivational rallies.
" Is this any different from what's happening today? Not really, the 'FUNDED PROPOSAL' concept has been around since the beginning of this industry.
It has evolved into a very formidable stand-alone marketing technique that has completely shifted the paradigm of the MLM industry.
The major differences...
1) the training comes independent of, and before the company pitch; and 2) the 'Attraction Marketing' niches through social media networks create massive ability to reach thousands of people online in a very non-intrusive manner.
If you actually take the approach of learning how to be an entrepreneur first...
if you take the approach of learning how to market, advertise, and generate leads for any business...
then it becomes far easier to create success in any MLM opportunity.
In my own businesses, I place my emphasis first and foremost on learning how to market, on my lead generation skills, and on understanding the actual strategies/mechanics of success before I place the emphasis on what a particular product might be.
The reason why is...
no matter how many times you hear companies say it...
the product does not sell itself.
You do! And if you don't know how to build a business in the MLM industry, you will probably have a difficult time creating results in Eiro Research.
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