ISN Coins Review

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Everyone likes collecting things and if you can collect something that has value in itself as well as collectible value then all the better.
With this concept in mind, the International Silver Network was set up on October 1st 2010.
Its product ISN Coins and its purpose to allow people to collect uncirculated silver coins with a silver value as well as a collectible value, and also to offer a business opportunity whereby people could set up their own home based business and turn a profit.
So, as it says on their website two sides of the coin, 2 different opportunities.
The founders were Randy Lange, Vincent Roy and Matt Barkes, all with impressive backgrounds in network marketing.
Silver is in high demand and the product is MS69 Silver Eagle Coins.
These ISN Coins come at a cost close to that of bullion and have silver content value and collectible value.
The company operates a unilevel compensation plan with 3 ways to join and 5 levels of income which pay down to 8 levels.
You can join join as a Preferred Customer, Direct Sales Rep which costs $19.
95 per month, or a Collector Rep which costs a one off payment of $49.
Earnings are made through retail sales, uni level commissions, coded sponsor bonus, enroller bonus and a global pool.
Distributors will receive their own personal websites, back office and training.
This is definitely a legitimate company selling physical products to an end consumer.
Whether or not you can make money with ISN Coins remains to be seen.
The company is very new and the product is good and not in a saturated market.
However, in order to earn substantial bucks, you are going to need exceptional marketing skills to make yourself stand out from the other distributors.
You need to have good leadership skills and be able to build and motivate your team together with a determination to succeed.
If you are equipped with skills you can surely be successful in any opportunity you join.
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