Are the Actual Network Marketing Companies Important?

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A lot of people in this profession tout that the network marketing companies you associate yourself with simply don't matter.
Others say that the network marketing companies you choose are ALL that matter.
So which is it? Well, a little in between honestly.
There is three triumvirate income streams in every fully-rounded business that employs the power of MLM.
The first of course the downline you build for the network marketing companies, the second is affiliate income and the third is your own product income.
You can build a huge income around just affiliate marketing inside the MLM niche if you want.
You can build a hugely powerful brand that people pay attention to.
And you can do all of this without even needing a company to be a distributor in.
However, you would be losing out a lot of money if you decided to do just that route.
The MLM business you chose is important in many ways.
Because if you did decide to build a huge downline, it takes a lot of work, if the company went under you have to start all over.
Which means it is really important to move to a company that you have really good feelings that will last.
Don't do startups, startups are incredibly risky and it could risk your reputation (And your heart for the profession should they flop).
Also if we look into the long-term factors of all of this, we also have our product users to consider.
You know those things we call customers? Yeah those! We need to make sure they are getting satisfied and that our product meets their expectations in as many ways as possible.
So product is indeed a factor! Especially nowadays in this type of market place.
So again I would say that network marketing companies lay in there about equal with everything else in terms of how important it is.
Don't let any internet guy sell you into thinking that you can just use a generic system to cover you up hopping from company to company.
People will be able to tell as time goes on what you are doing.
Eventually you will ruin your reputation and will be unable to sponsor a soul because of it! Having a healthy mix between the MLM business and the business of You Inc.
is extremely important.
Never lose the sight of that.
Always think of the BIG picture, with your customers in mind as well as your distributors.
It is truly a balancing act, but every great distributor is able to balance that.
That is my view on the important of network marketing companies.
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