Now is the Time to Join the Unsubscribe Club

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If you have taken the route of Marketing on a Shoestring, time management is one of the key factors for your success.
One of the easiest ways to find more time in your day is to click on the unsubscribe link on the email lists that you belong to.
It is simple and quick and will save you countless wasted hours.
Certainly, I am not saying that you should unsubscribe from every list that you belong to, only the ones that are not giving you useful content.
All they are doing is wasting your time.
The lists that I am talking about are the ones that the last piece of good information you received from them was the free ebook that came with your opt-in.
If fact, I now offer a free ebook just for reading my opt-in page without a registration requirement.
Then when someone does join my newsletter, I have developed a much more responsive reader.
If you look at the number of emails that you have received all promising to give you the secrets to the internet kingdom and really give you nothing more than a blatant series of non-stop propositions, they are just wasting your time.
In the long run, if you are only getting promos and not content, just unsubscribe.
This way you don't have to spend the time checking out the emails individually and you will end up with a lot more time saved in your daily routine.
I subscribe to every list that comes down the line in hopes that it is one of the good ones that will help me build my business.
After just one or two emails, you know if you are going to get real content or it is just a waste of your time.
My subscriptions to email lists has now been dropped down to about a dozen good content filled newsletters and all the rest have gone the way of the dinosaur.
As a Shoestring Marketer, your time is the most valuable commodity that you have, don't waste it having to sort though a jungle of worthless promotions every day.
Just hit the unsubscribe link and put your time to better use.
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